DG ISPR of PAKISTAN on Retaliate

Did not want to retaliate at the cost of regional peace: DG ISPR

DG ISPR of PAKISTAN on Retaliate

DG ISPR of PAKISTAN on Retaliate |  The military on Wednesday affirmed that Pakistan did not have any desire to strike back at the expense of provincial harmony yet the nation had no alternative yet to react after India’s air invasion daily prior.

In a hurriedly called question and answer session after Pakistan Air Force (PAF) struck Indian focuses in involved Kashmir, Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor stated: “The Pakistan armed force and aviation based armed forces had no choice yet to react after India’s air invasion.”

“But how should one respond? The way India acted or should we show responsibility? When God gives you the capability and capacity to respond, there is an element of gratefulness. It is to be used for self-defence rather than attack.”

“Pakistan’s armed forces have the capability, capacity, will and the nation’s support – but we do not want to be irresponsible.”
DG ISPR of PAKISTAN on Retaliate

“The worldwide network likewise has an obligation. In the present circumstance, Pakistan does not have any desire to move towards war. From us, there is a message of harmony. They [international community] should likewise approach and perceive how the earth among Pakistan and India is a danger to harmony and improvement, between the two nations as well as in the locale and past,” he said and asked the media to advance Pakistan’s message of harmony.

The army spokesperson, elaborating on the strikes by PAF jets earlier today. Said the armed forces struck a few miles from the locked targets to avoid collateral and human damage.

“Pakistan isn’t pushing the earth towards war. In the event that that was the situation, we could have effectively connected with targets bolted by the PAF. It would have brought about human setbacks and blow-back too. We intentionally kept away from acceleration.”

“As Prime Minister Imran Khan said, starting a war is easy but no one knows when it will stop.”

“PAF shot down two Indian flying machine inside Pakistani airspace,” the military representative said in a Tweet on Wednesday. “One of the flying machine fell inside Azad Jammu and Kashmir while other fell inside Indian-involved Kashmir.”

“We have no goal of heightening, yet are completely arranged to do as such whenever constrained into that worldview. It was the reason we embraced the activity with clear cautioning and without trying to hide.”


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