How To Transfer Your Pokemon Go Collection

Pokemon Let’s Go: Transfer your Pokemon Go collection

” How To Transfer Your Pokemon Go Collection “

Related imageA standout among the most fascinating parts of Pokemon: Let’s Go, which dispatches today on the Nintendo Switch, is that it interfaces with the versatile amusement Pokemon Go. Those animals you’ve been catching on your telephone? You would now be able to convey them to the reassure diversion. All things considered, some of them, in any event. Fortunately it’s a genuinely easy procedure to synchronize the two amusements, however there are a couple of hitches to know about. Here’s the way to go ahead.


The initial step is to match up your gadgets. For the Switch, you should simply go to the primary menu in Let’s Go and pick “Open Pokemon Go settings.”

Once you do that the amusement will begin hunting down your Pokemon Go account. While that is going on, open Pokemon Go and go to the settings menu. (First tap the huge poke ball in the focal point of the screen, and afterward “settings” in the upper right corner.)

If you look over the distance down to the base, there will be a rundown of gadgets, with the Nintendo Switch at the simple best. Tap “interface with Nintendo Switch” and you’ll get a warning on the Switch that a Pokemon Go account has been found. Pick “yes” to synchronize and you’re altogether done.

How To Transfer Your Pokemon Go Collection


Presently, on the off chance that you just grabbed Let’s Go, you’re likely aped up for supporting your Pokemon party with animals you’ve just gotten in Pokemon Go.

Lamentably, you can’t begin exchanging immediately. With the end goal to get to the exchange include, you have to make a beeline for the Go Park Complex in the amusement, which is situated in Fuchsia City. This is genuinely far into the amusement.

Fuchsia City is home to the fifth of the diversion’s eight rec centers. So it’ll be somewhere around a couple of hours before you can do any exchanging. Regardless of whether you race through.

When you get to Fuchsia City, the exchange procedure is extremely basic. You simply select the Nintendo Switch alternative on your telephone. Pick the Pokemon you need to send, and afterward go to the assistant in the recreation center to lift them up.


In any case, there are a couple of essential things to remember.

First of all, when you exchange a Pokemon to the Switch amusement, you can’t send it back to Pokemon Go. So make sure about your choice. You likewise can’t exchange each Pokemon. We should Go is a change of the first Game Boy title Yellow, which implies that you can just exchange original Pokemon.

There are at couple of special cases. It shows up you can’t exchange Mew, who, in this variant of the diversion, comes in the discretionary Poke Ball Plus fringe. Unique occasion Pokemon, as Pikachu wearing shades or a Santa Clause cap, additionally can’t be exchanged.

All things considered, there is a fresh out of the box new beast. A weird metallic animal called Melton. Which is new to Pokemon Go yet can be exchanged to Let’s Go. In its advanced shape it looks really scary chasing after you in the Switch amusement.

How To Transfer Your Pokemon Go Collection |

How To Transfer Your Pokemon Go Collection
How To Transfer Your Pokemon Go Collection

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