Would apple be able to Become The Next Nokia?

Apple and Nokia

Would apple be able to Become The Next Nokia?

In my age gathering, who does not recollect Nokia. Our lives were controlled by those telephones. We were in stunning of it. Thinking back today we may grin at us being in stunning yet around then it was a wonder that we as a whole would safeguard with numerous contentions.

Would apple be able to Become The Next Nokia?

None of us, including the Nokia the executives, would have imagined that 10 years and half later, the cutting edge may state, what is Nokia ?

A multi-billion dollar organization tumbled from its effortlessness. Such a large number of discussions regarding why it occurred. And an excessive number of corporate speculations with respect to who was to be faulted. The shopper conduct or the administration vision. Apple is confronting a similar issue today.

The a valid example is somewhat unique with regards to Apple. Nokia around then was a leader in development and the piece of the overall industry. That made it turn out to be somewhat presumptuous when it came to ceaselessly rehashing itself. In this way bringing about a lesser and lesser piece of the pie throughout the years.

Would apple be able to Become The Next Nokia?

Apple’s concern isn’t pomposity or development. Apple is a materialistic trifle the world over. What’s more, grown-up toys are costly and costly things will in general lose its fascination in a subsidence.


To finish it off, rivalry is tough to the point that Apple has no element in its gadgets that others can not create. It will be the up and coming subsidence worldwide. And an intense exchange war in addition to a protected innovation Rights Infringement Laws that will keep it somewhat occupied. Qualcomm simply won the claim against Apple. In China where Apple can’t move a portion of its items at this very moment.

Apple was a Trillion Dollar Company only a couple of months back. It has lost nearly $300 billion in Market Capitalization from that point forward.

Its first Quarter income figure has been reexamined down from $93 billion to $84 billion. That is a tremendous amendment on the off chance that you include each of the 4 fourth of 2019.

What’s more, with regards to retreat, shoppers everywhere don’t redesign their telephones. Exceptionally the costly ones.

Would apple be able to Become The Next Nokia?

No new item dispatch has occurred by Apple either. Indian market is contracting for Apple quickly in light of its miss-pricing issues. China is dead set on winning the levy war as is America.

Apple isn’t just assembling subject to China yet in addition deals ward to an expansive degree also. No item dispatch of Apple implies a couple of up and coming quarters kicking it into high gear tossed behind the eight ball. In a manner of speaking. That will additionally put weight on its future income development.

Is Apple going to lead the crowd in the coming years ?

That is a Trillion dollar question. I see risks for Apple ahead. Will it go into blankness like Nokia with regards to being an easily recognized name ? Hard to state.

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